Our parking area: public parking P1, level 0 (ground level), parking spot A604 - A664.

Please send a message (MESSENGER, WhatsApp or e-mail) when you have parked the car. In case we cannot be there when you arrive to pick up your car we also will send a message with the exact parking spot number. To provide a reliable service we need to be provided with a functioning spare key. Car pickups and returns should always be booked at least 24 hours in advance (by e-mail, WhatsApp or MESSENGER), otherwise late-booking fees apply.

For bookings made less then 24 hours in advance the additional fee is 15 €, for same-day bookings 25 €.

We always need to know the incoming flight number and arrival time. The car will be parked max 1 hour before arrival - except of delay. SunStar Parking is not responsible for higher payments because of a delay of your flight. SunStar Parking pays the parking fee when the client leaves the car. In case you will not show up at the confirmed time we will charge an extra of 20 € - if not changed in time.

Don’t forget to leave the parking ticket in case you get one. It is also possible that you dont get a ticket when you drive in as we register the cars.

Because of frequent and regular police checks at the airport or near the airport, it is essential that the original vehicle documents and proof of insurance remain with the car (In case of copies, only notarized copies of said documents are legally accepted!).

Otherwise there is the real risk of the police impounding the car, which can then only be recovered at significant expenses in addition to a significant fine.

With the payment of the contract, the general terms and conditions are accepted. There is no refund for unused contracts or cancelation of the contract before regular end of the signed contract.

For the following services an additional fee of 15 € applies: 
- Immediate re-delivery of the car because of a missed or cancelled flight once the car has been taken to our parking facilities.
- In-person delivery of the car keys either to a third person at the airport or in case the customer has forgotten his.